SongArtistAlbumGenreCAR (Rating)
Apple Music
Corporate KidAlert The MedicLet Them Have Their FunRock89
This is Our TimeAlert The MedicThe Phantom MovesRock87
All Better NowAlert The MedicThe Phantom MovesRock89
Echo and FadeAlert The MedicThe Phantom MovesRock87
The Weatherman (Pt.2)Alert The MedicWe, the WeaponRock86
Hands That Held Me BackAlert The MedicThe Phantom MovesRock86
Cut, Copy, PasteAlert The MedicThe Phantom MovesRock84
Hanna and the OceanAlert The MedicThe Phantom MovesRock84
Grace, Come BackAlert The MedicThe Phantom MovesRock83
Her Plan of AttackAlert The MedicAlert the MedicRock82
Loup-GarouAlert The MedicThe Phantom MovesRock85
The WeathermanFunkagenda & Alert The MedicThe WeathermanDance88
Our Finest HourAlert The MedicLet Them Have Their FunRock81
LonelyAlert The MedicLet Them Have Their FunRock82
Hey Kid, to the Back of the LineAlert The MedicWe, the WeaponRock84
WonderfulAlert The MedicThe Phantom MovesRock85
Stop Drop and RollFoxboro HottubsStop Drop and Roll!!!Rock89
Mother MaryFoxboro HottubsStop Drop and Roll!!!Rock91
Ruby RoomFoxboro HottubsStop Drop and Roll!!!Rock90
Red TideFoxboro HottubsStop Drop and Roll!!!Rock88