Curated Lists are Coming! (Music: Alert the Medic)


I will be providing curated lists, which will be located at the top menu under “Chris’ Lists”, these lists will rate items using a new rating system I am calling CAR, or Chris’ Approval Rating. This new Approval rating is a system is a basic 0-100 rating system that will represent my enjoyment of said rated item. The first list which is up now, and will slowly continue to grow, deals with Music an obvious first choice for a list I think.

The first addition to this list will be songs from Alert the Medic, a new band I have recently started listening to whom have some pretty catchy tunes. Each addition or new list will be accompanied by a featured post outlining the additions so you never have to miss anything new! Below are the additions to the new list.

SongArtistAlbumGenreCAR (Rating)
Corporate KidAlert The MedicCorporate KidRock89
This is Our TimeAlert The MedicThe Phantom MovesRock87
All Better NowAlert The MedicThe Phantom MovesRock89
Echo and FadeAlert The MedicThe Phantom MovesRock87
The Weatherman (Pt.2)Alert The MedicWe, the WeaponRock86
Hands That Held Me BackAlert The MedicThe Phantom MovesRock86
Cut, Copy, PasteAlert The MedicThe Phantom MovesRock84
Hanna and the OceanAlert The MedicThe Phantom MovesRock84
Grace, Come BackAlert The MedicThe Phantom MovesRock83
Her Plan of AttackAlert The MedicAlert the MedicRock82



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